Daniela Briggs


Born and raised in Berlin I was always, from a very young age, actively looking for any opportunity to sing. These opportunities were rather rare as the circumstances in East Berlin during this time had caused this to be somewhat restrictive. Nevertheless, at the age of 16 I was able to join a classical choir, which was not what I really wanted, but it gave me the possibility to learn disciplined and technically challenging singing.

Moving to Basel in 1998 opened new doors for me. Within a short space of time I joined a Gospel Choir in Lörrach which was also challenging, but great fun. Over the years I became one of the choirs’ soprano solo singers and had many possibilities to stand (with shaking knees) at the front of several stages.

After 10 years I began seriously to look for a vocalist position in a band. This proved to be more difficult than I thought. The right balance of music style, interpretation and chemistry of the band members are all very significant ingredients. This is the reason why I am so happy to be a member of “Shellstone” since 2017; creating, refining and performing the type of music that I love.